Leak Detection in Annapolis, MD

Have you seen an increase in your water bill and haven’t increased your usage? How about your Natural Gas or Propane bill? Hidden leaks can be costly and cause a lot of unwanted stress.

Guardian Plumbing Services, Inc is a full service plumber in Annapolis, Maryland. We have a team of experienced plumbers and technicians who are trained to find leaks and repair them. In addition to water leaks, we offer detection of gas leaks for homeowners as well as business owners and restaurants.

We have over 30 years experience in plumbing and leak detection and are bonded, licensed and insured in Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC and Northern Virginia. We will find your leak fast and with the least amount of damage possible.

Water Leak Detection in Annapolis, MD

The plumbing system in your home or business is made up of lots of pipes that connect all around the structure. Finding one leak is tedious and almost impossible for some home and business owners.

Any number of that vast number of pipes could be be leaking and causing your water to run that will cause your water bill to go up or you could be using more salt if you are on a well. If the leak is on a hot water supply line, you could also be seeing a larger gas or electric bill.

  • A leaky faucet can waste around 2500 gallons of water annually if it is not fixed and left to run.
  • A toilet that is running can waste up to 200 gallons of water daily.

If you suspect you have a water leak in your home or business, we can send one of highly skilled plumbers out to locate and repair leaks in a timely manner.

Gas Leak Detection in Annapolis, MD

While a water leak can be fairly easy to detect and fix, a gas leak is a much more serious issue. Not only is it a financial issue but a safety issue for you, your family, and your employees. Any gas leak is a serious issue because of the potential to be deadly.

Gas leaks can cause higher gas bills, dizziness, headaches, pilot light to go out constantly, and a blue gas flame versus the usual orange and yellow flame. You are not always able to smell a gas leak which is why it is important to know the signs.

We have several methods for detecting gas leaks and the experience to know how to fix them correctly. This is another situation where you should only use a licensed plumbing contractor, not only for liability issues but many municipal jurisdictions (gas and water companies) will require you to do so.

To avoid gas leaks, it is imperative to have your lines regularly maintained, especially aging gas lines. Bad installation, environmental factors, and constant use can cause issues with the line. Having your gas line regularly checked out can spot rust build up, a break or crack and repaired promptly.

Our leak detection services are available as a stand alone service or you can prevent problems with our Homeowner Protection Plan. This bi-annual inspection and service allows us to thoroughly check your system to identify potential problems.

Leak Detection FAQs

How do I know if I have a water leak?

There are several signs that you may have a water leak in your home. The obvious one is your water bill is significantly higher than normal. If there are no visible signs, this should prove there is water leaking somewhere in your house. Other more obvious signs include a musty smell, bubbling paint or wallpaper, hearing water drip, and wall discoloration.

How can I prevent water leaks?

Most water leaks are almost impossible to prevent. The best thing you can do is take care good care of your kitchen and bath fixtures and your pipes. If your toilet is running, you should fix it as soon as possible. This goes for any leaking faucet in your business or home. We highly recommend disconnecting hoses in the winter time to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. Never ever pour grease down the kitchen sink. This can cause significant clogs. Also, use hair traps in your shower to prevent hair from building up. Doing these simple things in addition to maintaining all appliances and making sure windows are properly seal can help prevent water leaks.

What causes water leaks?

There many things that cause water leaks. And some of them are out of your hands including intruding tree roots and rapid temperature changes. However, there are several common things around your house that could cause a leak. These include broken seals around the water connectors on appliances, clogged lines, corroded pipes, damaged or loose pipe joints, and excess pressure. Additionally, old or broken fixtures and appliances can cause leaks.

Why did my pipe suddenly start leaking in the winter?

A rapid drop in the outside temperature to below freezing may be responsible for your leaky pipe. If your outside water spigots are left on or if water is stuck in the pipe, it will freeze and expand. This will cause the pipe to crack and start leaking. This is why we advise everyone to turn off the water at the outside spigots and disconnect the hose during the winter. Doing this will help prevent major leaks.

How do I know if I have a gas leak?

A gas leak is serious so it is important to know the signs. A few signs include dead house plants, a hissing sound, a rotten egg odor, damaged gas pipe, or a white or dust cloud near the gas line. If you experience any of these sign, it is important to seek help immediately.