Winter Cleaning for Your Plumbing

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

Are you looking forward to the brisk weather that comes in the wintertime? Snow and chilly weather can make for a cozy atmosphere. But if harsh temperatures hurt your plumbing, you can find your season ruined.

Proper maintenance can protect your drains, pipes, and other plumbing features throughout the winter. And this will mean making an effort to keep your plumbing system clean. Read on to find advice from your local plumber that will ensure your plumbing stays clean and functions at its best this winter.

Winter Cleaning for Your Plumbing

Clean Your Drains to Prevent Clogs

Your plumbing system allows water to enter and leave your residence or commercial establishment without issue. But if this system does not flow easily, you can see water pool in your sink or shower with nowhere to go.

Standing water can be messy as well as hazardous. So you want to make sure your drains function properly to dispose of water without a clog. In order to prevent drain clogs, you should clean your drains regularly in your kitchen, bathroom, and any other drain in your building.

You can mix two parts baking soda and one part salt into a container. Then carefully add four parts of vinegar to the mixture, which will make it fizz. Pour the mix down the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then flush it thoroughly with hot water.

Complete this cleaning regimen on your drains every week or two to keep them clean and lower the risk of forming clogs. This will also get rid of foul odors and prevent fruit flies. You can also ensure your drains stay clean by using a sink strainer and disposing of food waste in the trash or compost.

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

Winter can be the perfect time to schedule an inspection of your plumbing with your local plumber. You should plan for a professional evaluation of your plumbing every two years on average to ensure the pipes are in optimal working condition.

In winter, pipes might burst in freezing weather conditions. And a plumber can identify if the pipes are at risk of this plumbing emergency.

The plumber will use video technology to view the interior of your pipes. They can find potential blockages that you might not know about in this way, including tree roots in your yard that can block sewage. Messes like sludge can form blockages as well, and this inspection can find them before they cause problems.

They can also look for signs of damage within the pipes’ structure, such as leaks, bulging, rusting, or deterioration. If left alone, leaks will worsen and cost you a significant amount of property damage. This will also be reflected in your utility bill. If the pipe bursts or breaks, it can cause even more damage.

So preventative care will help you avoid this expensive emergency. When you keep your plumbing clean, including the exterior that you can see, you can lower the chance of external elements harming your plumbing. And it can better resist the danger presented by harsh winter temperatures.