Help for Frequent Toilet Clogs

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

A clog in a toilet can prove to be a huge hassle. We rely on our toilets to drain and eliminate waste effectively, and if the toilet clogs, it cannot accomplish this crucial task. A clog forming every once in a while can happen due to an acute accident. But if your toilet clogs on a regular basis, you should not dismiss the issue.

A plumber can evaluate the condition of your toilet and find the cause of these clogs when you schedule a plumbing inspection. But you might be able to resolve the issue on your own in some instances. Find three ways that you can prevent clogs from developing frequently in your toilet when you read on.

Help for Frequent Toilet Clogs

Pay Attention to What You Flush

The most common reason that a clog can form in your toilet is due to the types of things you flush. For instance, many people may think that they can flush facial tissues, cotton swabs, and other items. But these products are not compatible with flushing down the toilet. Avoid putting these non-flushable materials down your toilet if you want to prevent a clog.

Sometimes, if you use too much toilet paper, you can also create a clog in your toilet. Try to use only the toilet paper that you require so that you do not clog the toilet.

Purchase lower-ply tissue rather than thicker toilet paper as well, even though you might enjoy the comfort. This product might not dissolve as easily and can create a clog in your plumbing. Older models of toilets that have a lower flow can prove especially susceptible to clogs in this way.

Use a Plunger

You likely already know that your plunger can fix an acute clog in your toilet to allow the water to run through the plumbing as it should. But if you notice that your toilet clogs frequently, you might have a blockage deeper in the sewer line. These clogs might develop due to using multi-ply toilet paper or flushing other items down the toilet.

Try using your plunger to unclog this deeper blockage in the S-trap of your toilet. Not all clogs this deep in your plumbing will go away with this effort. In this case, you may need help from a professional.

Call a Plumber

While you can fix smaller, simpler clogs in your toilet by yourself, you will need help from a plumber to address chronic and complicated toilet problems. Clogs deeper within the sewer line will require specific equipment to access and clear away.

Sometimes these clogs can form due to leaks or damage even further from your house. A plumber can inspect the issue and provide repairs accordingly so that you can avoid the hassle of frequent clogs in your toilet.

They may also offer assistance if the problem with your toilet clogging stems from another issue, such as a blockage in your toilet vent. Give your plumber a call today to get an estimate for your plumbing needs.