Water Quality FAQs

Thursday, October 19th, 2023

We rely heavily on water accessibility both in our homes and places of business. Drinking, cleaning, and sewage are all crucial to our way of life, so we want to make sure the water involved in these processes is of the best quality possible.

Water provided by public utilities undergoes regular testing to ensure its safety and quality. But if you have well water, you will need to organize annual testing yourself. In either case, you should pay attention to the water you consume.

If you notice irregularities in your tap water, you may want to reach out to a plumber to ascertain if you have a plumbing concern contributing to this issue. But some changes in your water do not always indicate a serious issue. Read on to see responses from your plumber to frequently asked questions regarding the water quality in your home or commercial establishment.

Water Quality FAQs

Why Does My Tap Water Have an Odor?

If you notice a smell around your faucet, you might worry that this indicates a problem with the quality of your water. First, you should dispense tap water into a cup and let it sit for a moment. Then smell the water. If the odor persists, then you may need to contact a plumber about the problem.

However, in many cases, you will not notice a smell from this water. This is because most odors related to your faucet come from the drain in the sink. The build-up in the kitchen or bathroom drains will start to smell after a while.

Check your sink drains for signs of a clog. You might also notice that water in a sink is slow to drain in the event of a clog. Call your plumber if you think you have a stubborn clog deep within your plumbing.

Why Does My Water Seem Discolored?

You expect your tap water to come out clear, so if you see a brownish hue to your water, you may worry you have a problem with your water quality. Oftentimes, this discoloration points to the presence of iron in the water. This does not make your water undrinkable, but this rusty color could potentially stain clothes and other items.

Excess iron in tap water is not uncommon and happens when construction or plumbing changes release iron scale into the water. If you flush your tap for about 15 minutes, the water should run clear again.

Does your water look cloudy? This appearance can happen in tap water due to oxygen bubbles within your pipes. As with other types of discoloration, if you run the tap for a few minutes, the problem should go away.

If you see white particles or residues on your dishware and appliances after using your tap water, you should not worry. This occurs due to the presence of minerals in your water.

While annoying to clean, minerals in your water are not dangerous. If the hardness of the water bothers you, ask your plumber about filters and chemical additives that can make your water softer.