Avoid Plumbing Emergencies While Out of Town

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

While on vacation, you want to relax and not worry about what is going on at your house without you there. However, it is a fear in many people’s minds that they will return home after an extended trip to find a major plumbing problem wrecked their house.

You can take measures to avoid this plumbing emergency by preparing your plumbing system for your absence. These steps can significantly reduce your chances of serious flooding and water damage when you are not home. Check out tips from your plumbing expert that can help you prevent a plumbing disaster while you are out of town.

Avoid Plumbing Emergencies While Out of Town

Shut Off Your Main Water Supply

If you intend to travel for several weeks, you may want to shut off your main water valve. This refers to the primary pipe in your plumbing system that supplies water to your house. If you notice a plumbing emergency while at home, especially one that involves water seeping or flooding incessantly, you would turn off this valve. Then, water can no longer flow and cause these problems.

But if the issues occur while you are not there, then you cannot shut off this valve to stop the excess water. So if the problem develops, water can leak and wreak havoc on your property. That could leave you with extensive damage and expensive repairs.

Turning off this valve when you leave your house for a long period can give you some peace of mind that this emergency will not go unstopped during your trip. Make sure you know where this valve is in your home in the event of an emergency.

Examine Your Plumbing Before You Go

Before leaving for a long trip, you might want to take a walk around your home and examine your plumbing. Look for cracks in your walls, damp spots, or discoloration on the floors or ceiling. These signs could all point to a leak that could easily worsen while you are out of town.

You should also check for any musty odors that could signify standing water that might otherwise be hidden. Take a look at your drains as well. Clogs left in your plumbing over time can start to smell bad. This could make for an unpleasant return home at the end of your trip.

Ask a Friend to Check on Your Home

When you cannot get to your house but need some reassurance that your house and plumbing are in good standing, you might want to ask a friend if they would not mind checking on your home for you. Find someone you trust and leave them a key or another way to enter your home. They can ensure that no plumbing emergency occurred.

This way, if a problem does develop, someone can identify it. Then they can notify a plumber on your behalf for urgent repairs. Develop a plan to protect your property from potential plumber dangers.