Backflow Device Testing in Annapolis, MD

A backflow prevention device is designed to help protect portable water supply from getting contaminated from pollution due to backflow. In Maryland, it is required by law to have your backflow device tested by a professional on a regular basis.

If there is a problem with the backflow prevention device, then it must be replaced or repaired immediately.

Guardian Plumbing Services, Inc is a full service plumber in Annapolis, MD and home to your Certified Backflow Technicians. We offer Backflow Testing and Repair for residential and commercial properties. Our plumbers will test your device, fill out the proper paperwork, and file the paperwork with the proper agency for your location.

If you are connected to a municipal water supply, also called city water and sewage, you will have a Backflow Prevention Device on your incoming water supply. These devices prevent water in your plumbing system from returning to the municipal water supply.

Backflow devices are required by law to be tested periodically by a Certified Backflow Technician. If the device fails the test it must be repaired or replaced.

Whether you live in a single family home or you manage multiple apartment complexes we can accommodate your testing and repairs to your backflow devices.

Backflow Device Testing FAQs

What is a backflow testing?

This service tests your backflow device that is attached to the pipes that come in from outside of your commercial or industrial building. The backflow device keeps your tap water from flowing backwards. If it does flow in the incorrect direction, it can contaminate the water.

Backflow is the flow of water under positive or reduced pressure into the distribution pipes of a water supply. Backflow is caused by either back-siphonage or back-pressure.

Why is backflow testing required?

Backflow testing is necessary in older homes and buildings. Water flow and pressure should always be tested to prevent contamination into the local water supply.

How long does a backflow test take?

The test within itself takes less than an hour to complete.

How often is backflow testing required?

We recommend testing your backflow device every year for commercial and industrial locations. Residential testing should be done at least every 3 years.

What is the best way to prevent backflow?

Get your backflow preventer tested regularly!

What causes backflow?

When low-pressure Cross-connections interact with high-pressure water systems. The potential of allowing contaminants into the drinking water system increases significantly.

What happens if backflow occurs?

If backflow occurs it could mean that you have a faulty valve, which has now let contaminated water enter the public water system.

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