Do I Need to Winterize My Plumbing?

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

The winter months bring a sharp drop in temperatures throughout Maryland. This could significantly impact your plumbing system, especially if you intend to leave your property unoccupied during this time.

But does everyone need to worry about winterizing their plumbing system? Guardian Plumbing, a team of expert plumbers located in Annapolis, MD, responds to frequently asked questions regarding the importance of plumbing winterization.

plumbing winterization in Annapolis Maryland

When Should I Winterize Plumbing?

You should complete the winterization of your plumbing in advance of winter weather’s arrival. However, not every home or commercial establishment will require this annual plumbing process.

Winterization should occur when a property will not be occupied during the winter, as unused plumbing systems could hold standing water that may freeze and burst the pipes. However, this process is specifically for plumbing that will not be used which is why it is reserved for buildings that will be empty.

Should I Call a Plumber for This Job?

Your local plumber performs winterization regularly and can therefore be trusted to complete this process accurately and efficiently. For optimal protection for your property this winter, you should trust this job to a professional. A plumbing expert will accomplish the following tasks during winterization:

  • Label water shut-off valves
  • Winterize home appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Install drain valves
  • Drain water lines and add antifreeze

More steps may be needed for larger properties. You can discuss the specific winterization plan for your facilities with your plumber. They can also provide you with an accurate estimate for this project before beginning the process.

How Can I Protect My Plumbing This Winter?

Your plumbing could suffer damages from freezing winter temperatures even if you occupy your home. While you would not complete winterization for this type of facility, you can still protect your pipes.

You should keep your outdoor water hoses turned off during the winter to prevent freezing. It is also helpful to keep your home above 60 degrees Fahrenheit even if you are not home. If you suspect a pipe has frozen, call your plumber to evaluate the issue.

Contact an Expert Plumber in Annapolis, MD

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