Things You Should Never Flush

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

We all know that toilets are supposed to be something to get rid of human waste. But many people use the toilet as a disposal for other things, too. There are certain things you have to make sure you don’t flush if you don’t want to deal with a plumbing problem. Guardian Plumbing Services, Inc., a plumber in Annapolis, MD, warns of some items that should never be flushed.annapolis, maryland plumber


Human waste is just digested food, so it should be fine, right? Wrong. Thinks like pasta and rice continue to absorb liquid and get bigger until they’re completely saturated. As they bloat, they clog pipes and back things up. Grease is another big thing, particularly for restaurant drains. While hot grease is liquid, it solidifies as it cools. This creates problems in all areas of your drains and pipes.


“Water burials” are often done for small pets that pass on, like fish or hamsters. But you should stick to burying the pets in the yard or getting them cremated. If the pets you’re flushing have bones in them, it isn’t going to go well for your plumbing system. Bones don’t disintegrate, and they get caught in pipes and drainage systems.

Paint and Home Makeover Materials

If you’re doing a renovation or painting your walls, make sure that the debris is disposed of properly. You know that paint is designed to be thicker, to make sure it coats your walls or other materials properly. When paint gets mixed in with grease or fat from food, it creates a thick blockage that nothing can get through or pass.

Feminine Products

When you’re out and about, you probably see signs that tell you not to flush tampons or pads. This is similar to why rice and pasta shouldn’t be flushed. These products are designed to absorb liquids, and they’re rarely discarded when they’re completely saturated. As they encounter water in the pipes, they balloon in size, causing clogs and pipe backups.

Flushable Wipes

No matter what the packages say, flushable wipes shouldn’t be flushed. Unlike toilet paper, which is made to break down quickly in the sewer system or septic tank, wipes aren’t made the same way. Even when they’re flushable, the material they’re made of isn’t designed to break down quickly. Keep a lined trashcan in your bathroom for items like flushable wipes and feminine products.

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