It’s Time to Think About Winterization

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

As the colder weather hits, it’s time to make sure your plumbing is ready for the freezing temperatures that are coming. Guardian Plumbing Services, Inc., a plumber in Annapolis, MD, discusses what you need to know about winterization.annapolis, maryland plumber

How Do I Know if I Should Winterize?

Plumbing needs to be winterized in any property that’s going to be vacant for long periods of time in the winter months. If you’re a realtor, property owner, or live your winter in warmer parts, you’re going to need to winterize your plumbing. Without winterization, your pipes are more likely to burst. This can cause problems with insurance and may even involve your property being condemned.

Each property is unique and we’re determined to find the best price for each of our clients. We’ll give a free estimate based on the details of your property and also offer competitive pricing. Winterizing isn’t something you should try to handle on your own. Professionals are used to handling this regularly and can perform services quickly and accurately.

What’s Included in Winterization?

All of the water lines in the property will be properly drained. If we find areas that require drain valves to help the winterization process along, we’ll do so as needed. Then, an antifreeze solution is added to all of the plumbing traps. This is what prevents your pipes from accruing ice buildup and bursting.

Next, we’ll make sure to tag and label all of the water shut-off valves to the hose bibs and main line. All of these need to be clearly labeled and mark in the event that something goes wrong and to keep things organized. It’s a lot easier to monitor the cause of a problem when everything is clearly labeled and you can find things instantly.

Many people forget about their dishwasher and washing machine in the winterization process. These appliances are part of your investment and you want to make sure they’re protected with the rest of your property. We won’t skip over your appliances when winterizing your property. They’ll be winterized so they’re set for next spring.

What to Do for Winter

To protect from winter issues, always make sure your garden hose faucets are turned off both outside and inside. Keep your home heated to at least 60 degrees at all times. If your heat fails, turn off the main water valve. Open up all of your faucets so that the water has a place to expand and go instead of bursting a pipe.

If you suspect that a pipe has burst, turn off the main valve immediately. Don’t try to thaw out a pipe on your own, especially with an open flame. Wait for the plumbing company to check out the damage. If there’s water damage, make sure to contact your insurance.

Winterization Services at Your Annapolis, Maryland Plumber

Make sure your property stays safe over the winter months. Call us or contact us online.