Do I Need Backflow Device Testing?

Friday, July 31st, 2020

If you have a backflow prevention device in your plumbing, it’s required that you get it tested regularly in the state of Maryland. Guardian Plumbing Services, Inc. is both a full-service plumber in Annapolis, MD, and a Certified Backflow Technician. Learn more about backflow device testing and why it’s necessary.annapolis, maryland plumber

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

If you’re connected to city water and sewage, or the municipal water supply, there’s a backflow prevention device on your incoming water supply. It’s used to make sure any water in your plumbing won’t be returned to the municipal water supply. You don’t want the entire water supply to be contaminated by backflow from your plumbing system.

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is performed by a Certified Backflow Technician to ensure your backflow device is working properly. It’s done to make sure that your water is flowing in the correct direction and back-siphonage or back-pressure aren’t returning the water in your plumbing system to the public water supply.

Backflow is caused when low-pressure cross-connections are interacting with high-pressure water systems. When these conditions are present, there’s an increased risk of contamination and backflow. If your tester finds that there’s backflow that isn’t being prevented by your device, you may have a faulty valve that’s causing contaminants to get into the public water supply.

If you live in or own an older building, backflow testing is essential. For commercial and industrial locations, you should be getting your backflow device tested every year. For residential locations, we recommend getting the testing at least once every three years.

Since we’re a Certified Backflow Technician, we’ll test your device and make sure that it’s working properly. We’ll fill out the proper paperwork that certifies that testing was completed, and file it with the required agency for your area.

If we find that your backflow prevention device is faulty, our technician will do a detailed examination of your device to find the problem. We’ll determine if your device can be repaired or if you’ll need to completely replace your backflow prevention device. We can give you a quote on the spot for our device repair or replacement services.

Backflow Device Testing From Your Annapolis, Maryland Plumber

Are you due to get your backflow device tested? Call us today or get a quote online for backflow testing or any other plumbing work that you need to be done.