What Are The Benefits Of A French Drain?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

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As an experienced plumber in Annapolis, MD, Guardian Plumbing knows you want to keep your home safe and dry. Things like sub-pumps and french drains can help accomplish that. Here’s what a french drain is and why you should consider getting one to protect your home.

What is a French Drain?

If your home is subject to a lot of water that tends to pile up outside of your home when it rains, chances are that you already have a sub-pump installed that helps removes the water that actually enters your home. A sub-pump will pump the water out of your basement typically through PVC piping to the outside of your home. This is great for protecting your basement, however, your sub-pump can fail, and you want to help your sub-pump as much as possible. This is where a french drain will help drastically.

A french drain is designed to divert excess water away from your home. A french drain is a trench that will be dug around the outside of your home on a downward slope and then covered with gravel.

Benefits Of A French Drain System

Your Choice

  • One of the best things about a french drain system is that you can choose where the water goes. Of course, you can simply divert the water from your home to the street, but you can also divert the water to your irrigation system if you have one, or even a garden that you may have. This will be cost-effective if you have an irrigation system or garden as you will use less water from your home.


  • A french drain will help you retain the value in your home. For example, if you go to sell your home, and have a professionally installed french drain in your home along with a sub-pump, the prospective buyer will most be likely very happy to have both of these items already installed. These items add additional security against flooding in your home.

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