Tips To Keep Your Home Running In Peak Condition This Summer

Monday, July 29th, 2019

Summertime can be the best time of year to make memories with your family, as school is out, the pool is open, friends and family are coming over for BBQ, and this can be the perfect formula for a summer filled with unforgettable weekends at your home. On the downside of this, your home will begin to use water differently than it did over the winter time, such as the bathrooms being used more, more laundry, and overall more water use due to cleaning, cooking, drinking, etc. So, we have made a list of steps to take during the summer months to make sure


  • Most of us take a vacation in the summer months, which means that no one will be home during the vacations. Who needs hot water when no one is home? We recommended that you turn your water heater down the day you leave for vacation as it will help save energy.

Inspect The Washer Machine

  • Your washer machine gets used a lot, and even more in the summertime as the family is home all the time. So with the extra use during the summer months, make sure to frequently inspect your washer machine for leaks and cracks and your hoses from kinks. Another recommendation is that you make sure that you are home when the washer machine is running so in case of a faulty machine or incident, you are home to immediately take care of it.

Toilet Abuse

  • Just like your laundry room and sink, your toilet will also be frequented more times when you have friends and family over for those awesome summer barbeques. Make sure that your guests are aware of what not to put into your toilet when flushing such as paper towels, bubble gum, candy, etc. This will help ensure that your toilet and its plumbing will remain working properly not only all summer but also year round. Nothing can put a damper on your summer than a clogged toilet or busted pipe under your toilet.

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