What You Should Not Put In Your Garbage Disposal After A Summer BBQ

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

With summertime now in full swing, everyone is firing up those grills for Bar-B-Que’s, whether it is for Memorial Day, Labor Day or just a summer cook-out over the weekend. While BBQ’s in the backyard are awesome for everyone involved, it is important to know what not to put in your garbage disposal during the cleanup of the BBQ. We have made a list of things that you should never put in your garbage disposal because even if you do manage to get it through the garbage disposal, the chances are that it will not make it through the drain pipe causing damage to your home’s drain pipes.

Celery & Asparagus

  • While this may seem odd, both celery and asparagus are stringy when shredded and will tend to tangle and wrap around your garbage disposal blades, making them less effective when putting other items in your garbage disposal.

Egg Shells

  • While some may argue that eggshells can actually sharpen your disposal blades, we advise against it, as the shells can easily stick your garbage disposal blades causing bad odors in your home and making your garbage disposal left effective with stuck egg shells on them.

Fruit Pits

  • While your garbage disposal is very strong and can crush and shred through just about anything, a peach or avocado pit is not one of them. Simply feel one after you cut through an avocado or peach, they are hard as a rock and will damage your garbage disposal and blades.


  • Not even with scolding hot water running, do not put grease into your garbage disposal, and it may not even have an effect on your garbage disposal; however, it will certainly clog your drains.


  • Even if they are small bones from a chicken wing, do not put them in your garbage disposal. As your garbage disposal may be strong enough to get a bone in ribeye bone or chicken wing bones down, but later down the road, they will certainly clog your drain pipes, and you do not want that!

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