Avoid Frozen Pipes

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Winter is coming, and that means a drop in temperature. With the decrease in temperature, the water in the pipes can freeze. In advanced cases, the water in the pipes can freeze, causing your the pipes to break. Broken pipes can cause a domino effect of problems for your home including leaks in the home.  Older homes are more likely to experience damage from frozen pipes, so it is important to have your home inspected to avoid a problem in the future.

At Guardian Plumbing, we offer a Residential Preventive Maintenance Plan specifically for the individual homeowner. The goal of our preventive maintenance plan is to save you from the unwanted hassle and address any issue before they become major issues. Our customers who participate in the Residential Preventive Maintenance Plan will receive priority if a problem occurs after hours or on the weekend. We can help prepare your home for the winter season.

What To Do In Case Of Frozen Pipes

  • If you are suspected a frozen pipe, turn off your water. Turning off the water can help minimize the amount damage done by a frozen pipe.
  • Allow your faucet to drip. Letting your faucet run can help alleviate some of the pressure on the pipe system. Allowing some of the pressure to pass through the system can help minimize your chance of your pipes freezing.
  • Don’t forget to seal any cracks or chips in your pipes. If you notice any damage to your popes, call Guardian Plumbing. We can help replace damaged pipes just in time for the winter weather.
  • Find ways to keep the heat circulating. We understand you don’t want to increase your heating bill, so find creative ways to keep your pipes heated. The heat should stay above freezing temperature to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze.

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