Do You Need A Sump Pump Backup?

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

As witnessed in the news, fall can be the season for catastrophic weather for many homeowners. The Mid-Atlantic is no stranger to intense rainfall and flooding, and sadly many homeowners are unprepared for the consequences.

Do You Need A Sump Pump Backup?

We at Guardian Plumbing in Davidsonville, MD have seen our fair share of flooding and sump pump emergencies. A sump pump is a necessary appliance that is often ignored until it is too late. Without an operational sump pump your home could incur thousands of dollars in damage and repairs, and possibly higher insurance premiums for years to come.

A failed sump pump can occur when…

  • the power had gone out.
  • the sump pump gets turned off or unplugged.
  • the sump pump is too small to handle the water flow.
  • the sump pump is not working correctly due to motor burn our or other mechanical malfunction.

To ensure that your sump pump is working correctly you can hire a professional plumbing contractor to service your appliance. When purchasing a new sump pump be sure that the appliance has the same or better flow capacity as the one you are replacing.

You can also purchase a back up system for your sump pump. Battery back ups, water powered back up and generator backs are ideal if you you loose power frequently. Some systems even have alarms to alert homeowners when your sump pump has reached its water fill limits.