Winter Plumbing Safety Tips

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Water freezes as it leaves a tap

As the temperatures dip in the Mid-Atlantic a big concern for homeowners is the condition of their heating system, but protecting your home’s plumbing is essential, too.  Winter storms can cause damage to your home in the form of frozen pipes and ice dams.  Be sure your home can take on winter’s weather and it’s potential hazards.

Frozen pipes can not only cut off the water supply in your home but it can also result in leaks as pipes thaw.  Worse still, are burst pipes which can cause major damage and flooding to your home.

Precautions to take this winter to prevent your home’s pipe’s from freezing…

  • Drain all outdoor water sources such as garden hoses and sprinkler systems before temperatures reach freezing.  Close the inside valves of these lines and keep the outside valves open to encourage drainage, not freezing.
  • Check outdoor pipes or pipes located in unheated areas such as garages, or basements as well as pipes located on outdoor walls.  Be sure that the pipes are properly insulated.
  • If you suspect a frozen pipe open a faucet and allow any water to trickle out and prevent further freezing.
  • Call a professional to have your home winterized if you will be away from it for an extended period of time.  They will take the proper measures to have your home’s plumbing prepared for the winter season and freezing temperatures.

Guardian Plumbing of Annapolis, Maryland are professional licensed plumbers offering services for your home’s winter plumbing maintenance.  They offer winterization services, 24 hour emergency response and a residential plumbing preventative maintenance plan to ensure your home’s plumbing is in good working condition this winter.

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