Commercial vs Residential Plumbing

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

You are likely familiar with the types of clogs, leaks, and other plumbing issues that may arise in your home. But if you own a business, you can begin to see that the plumbing system on your property also requires care and can run into problems.

These systems all have the same general equipment, but the differing purposes for each building can impact the type of plumbing services you may require. Knowing these differences can help you keep your place’s plumbing in great shape. Read on to see comparisons and contrasts between plumbing maintenance for commercial and residential systems.

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Routine Plumbing Inspections

Regular maintenance and inspections for plumbing systems are crucial in order to make sure they function at their best. Examinations from an expert can allow plumbers to spot issues before they evolve into emergencies. This saves you money in the long run as you can avoid costly repairs.

For residential systems, plumbers recommend a complete inspection every two years. Commercial systems will likely receive more usage and therefore will require more regular upkeep, including inspections.

Restaurants and other businesses may need four routine plumbing maintenance jobs each year. Talk to your local plumbing expert to learn how often you should schedule plumbing inspections for your building. They can provide special annual plans that businesses can subscribe to for optimal preventative care.

Understanding Water Usage

Humans use water in a variety of ways constantly, both at home and at work. In your home, you use water in the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, and more. You drink it, wash with it, and clean dishes and clothes with it.

In a commercial setting, some of these water usages overlap. You, your employees, and your patrons may use the restroom or drink water in your building. But with more people occupying a commercial space than a residential one, the amount of water utilized will increase.

With more water accessed, the pipes and other plumbing will see more usage. This may mean a higher chance of wear and tear that could lead to plumbing issues. With this in mind, you can understand the importance of paying attention to the function of your plumbing on your commercial property.

Likelihood of Plumbing Emergencies

You might fix minor plumbing issues, like a small clog, on your own in your home. You can do the same in your commercial building as well. But you know that you need to call a plumber if you cannot repair a plumbing concern yourself, whether the issue occurs at home or at work.

Because commercial spaces can use more water, this plumbing system may be more likely to have a plumbing emergency. Burst pipes and other severe problems cannot be fixed on your own. And they will require prompt attention before you suffer major property damage. Ideally, you should choose a plumber with 24-7 services in case of an emergency like this.