4 Common Toilet Problems

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

If your toilet is not working properly, it can cause a major disruption in your home. But how serious are these malfunctions in your toilet? Do you need to call a plumber or can you fix this appliance on your own?

These tips from your plumber can help you diagnose the problem with your toilet and understand the significance it means for your plumbing system. Read on to learn about four issues that can impact a toilet and how you can resolve them.

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Clogged Toilet

Clogs can form if you have attempted to flush a larger amount of toilet paper or waste and it cannot pass properly through the piping in your toilet. It can also occur if you have tried to flush items down the toilet that do not belong there.

A blocked toilet will disrupt your home, but in many cases, you can unclog it by using a plunger. Major clogs might need a snake tool to move the blockage. If the clog remains after these efforts, you might need to remove the toilet to get better access to the blockage. If you have concerns, contact your plumber.

Reduced Water Level

If after you flush your toilet, you realize that the toilet bowl did not fill all the way with water, this could point to a few common issues with the toilet. You can lift the lid of the tank to observe the fill tube or valve for signs of damage.

In some instances, you just need to reconnect the fill tube to the appropriate overflow tube. If the tube or valve seems to require repair, you will likely need to replace these items to fix the toilet.

This problem may also happen if the toilet bowl has cracked, though you will likely also see water leaked onto the floor if this occurs. You will need to replace your toilet in that case.

Constant Refilling Toilet

If after your flush, the toilet refills and does not stop, you might be at a loss as to what is causing this problem. The issue could also run up your water bill, so you will want to find the cause promptly.

A toilet may do this for a few reasons. You can open the lid of the toilet tank and check the water level there. If it is too high, you can adjust the height of the float arm to reduce the level.

The problem may also develop due to a leak in the flapper of the toilet. In this case, water constantly travels from the tank to the toilet because the flapper is too damaged to seal the pathway properly. You will need to drain the tank of water before replacing the flapper.

Noisy Toilet Tank

A persistent hissing sound often accompanies the constant refilling of the toilet. But other sounds from your toilet tank could indicate different problems with the appliance.

A gurgling sound often points to air pressure within the drain line. This can stem from a clog, so you should employ a plunger to get rid of any blockages. A sound similar to a foghorn could mean you have a problem with the float in the tank. You may need to call a plumber to replace the float if this happens.