Concerned About Noisy Pipes?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

You may hardly notice the pipes behind the walls of your home or commercial establishment until something goes wrong. A jarring new noise from your pipes could be an important indicator that you have a plumbing concern.

The type of sound can differ considerably depending on the plumbing issue at hand. Guardian Plumbing, a team of plumbers in Annapolis, MD, describes some of the more common noises you might hear coming from your pipes and what potential problems they could signify.

pipe plumbing problems in Annapolis Maryland

Banging Sounds

A loud banging sound coming from a pipe can be alarming and could point to a problem with the water pressure or flow in your plumbing system. The first potential concern is called a water hammer and occurs when a valve in your pipes is promptly closed, and the water hitting this blockage creates a bang.

The other issue that could cause this sound is trapped air in the pipes. This usually stems from a problem with the water line and is notable in that the banging sound occurs when a faucet is turned on. Both issues should be addressed by a plumbing expert.

Rattling Pipes

Your pipes are secured in place behind the walls and ceilings of your property with specified fasteners. If these fasteners come off or become loose, then the pipes are free to move or shake when water passes through them.

This creates a rattling sound that you can notice in your building. You will likely require the assistance of a plumbing professional to locate the affected pipe and resecure it with a fastener.

Gurgling Noise

A gurgling or glugging noise usually indicates that your pipes are having trouble draining properly. This is likely due to a clog or blockage in the pipe.

Your plumber can clean build-up or debris that may contribute to this clog quickly with their specialized tools and equipment. Video inspection technology can spot the blockage quickly so that the issue can be resolved with maximum efficiency. While clogs are generally unavoidable, you can lower your risk of a plumbing emergency with regular inspections from a professional.

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