Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Any home or business owner in Annapolis, Maryland who has a a clog in their main or sewer line that nothing they do can clear should give Guardian Plumbing a call.

Sewers and mainlines are rugged pipes with large diameters and some have been known to work well for decades if not centuries. However, they can still be subject to clogs. With these pipes, the clogs can be caused by tiny tree roots infiltrating their interiors. The roots are drawn to the water and nitrogen in the pipes. In some of the worst case scenarios, the roots can invade the entire length of the pipe and cause truly horrible back flow problems. Though this is devastating for a homeowner, for the owner of a business or a restaurant a back flow can be disastrous. The business might not be allowed to reopen until the problem is fixed.

In a restaurant, the drains can also be clogged by grease and other debris from cooking. This is why we recommend that the drain pipes from restaurants be cleaned out at least once every year.

Our solution to a main or sewer line clog is hydro-jetting. This is where our plumbers clean out the drains with water that’s under high pressure. The jet of water, whose pressure can be as much as 3,500 pounds per square inch, can blast any sort of debris out of a drain pipe and makes sure it’s completely clean and open.

Our plumbers are all certified, licensed and insured and we always offer our customers a free estimate. Use our free estimate line, which is 301.685.5017. We also have emergency service and can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week on weekends, late nights and holidays. Our plumbers are guaranteed to respond promptly, which means no customer will have to deal with a gruesome back up problem for long. Don’t hesitate to give Guardian Plumbing a call at 301.261.7481.