Leak Detection

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Local Trades Assessment Expert

Guardian Plumbing is a leading plumbing service company operating out of Davidsonville, Maryland, and serving the entire greater Annapolis area. The family-owned and operated business also serves the Baltimore-Washington metro areas. 24-hour plumbing service is the company’s main function.

The company mission of Guardian Plumbing is to provide a level of service excellence that is certain to bring a referral from each and every customer. Work quality and cleanliness are also proud strong suits of the company. From the office staff, to the technicians in the field, service excellence is the mission.


Guardian Plumbing’s services entail anything having to do with plumbing and plumbing systems. Company service history shows a long list of satisfied customers as well as a marked diversity in capability. Common jobs such as unclogging drain, repairing leaking pipes, and plumbing additions are routinely carried out with high ratings. Also, the more uncommon and unconventional plumbing call is also consistently resolved with high marks: pipe noise tracking and elimination, venting problems, specialty valves, and other unconventional plumbing tasks.

Precision Leak Detection

One of the most customer-beneficial services of the company is their specialized leak detection service. Using state-of-the-art equipment and training, Guardian’s technicians have the ability to search for and find leaks that have not necessarily revealed themselves yet, or that are known of, but their source location has not yet been found. Even the most difficult to find leaks can be discovered with Guardian’s industry-leading, leak detection services.

The benefits to this process are many. Just wanting to be proactive, customers often request the service and sometimes find a small, unknown leak that would have undoubtedly one day became a sudden catastrophe. In other cases, the customer has experienced peculiar humidity, visual moisture, mold, or bad smells. The immediate, real-time leak detection process tells them where it’s coming from as well as other key pieces of information. leak detection service are available for waste, domestic water and even gas lines.


Guardian Plumbing is a very solid choice for those needing any type of plumbing help in the company’s exceptionally large service area. Customer satisfaction, applied expertise, job cleanliness and all other factors of reference leave no doubt of this company’s value to the communities it serves.