Residential Plumbing in Maryland

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

It never fails. It’s the weekend and you’re getting ready to go out to dinner. You take a trip to the bathroom and low and behold, the toilet does not flush. Well, who ya gonna call? The correct answer is your trusted local plumber.

Along with mechanics, doctors and lawyers, it is always nice to have a reliable plumber available for help when you need it. Plumbers perform all sorts of needed services around the house. They can install a new kitchen faucet. They can stop a leaky toilet. They can even help to install a hot water heater.

Plumbing problems are usually the last thing on your mind as you make your way through the day. Unless you have had lots of problems with your plumbing such as backups and leaks, you probably don’t think about a plumber. For that matter, you probably don’t think about your doctor, lawyer or mechanic until the need arises.
So, the point is not to hope you get a visit from your trusted plumber, but to rest securely knowing that there is a trained professional out there who will be happy to help you by providing service whenever the need might occur.

Keep your plumber’s phone number close by. Sometimes, the plumbing company will give you a magnetic card with their contact information and you can stick it on the refrigerator for easy access. If you keep a rolodex (do they still have those), put a business card in there. Add your friendly plumber to the bank of contacts you keep in your cell phone.

Hiring a plumber can be expensive, but having them come out on an early Sunday morning and quickly and professionally take care of a stuffed toilet makes the price they charge seem cheap. Instead of spending hours trying to install a new garbage disposal or attach the new icemaker in your refrigerator, call your residential plumber and he’ll take the hard work out of your problem. Remember, most of the time you call a plumber, something has gone wrong. It is nice to see a friendly, smiling face when you are stressed out. Plumbers are worth their weight in gold.