Restaurant Plumbers

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Plumbing problems in restaurants are more than mere nuisances. They can render equipment ineffective, increase operating costs and create health code violations. Even minor leaks or slow drains can become major issues. In a fast-paced kitchen, any problem can quickly escalate. When restaurants have a plumbing issue, they should call a reliable restaurant plumber. There are several characteristics good restaurant plumbers have.

A reliable plumber will be able to respond quickly. Many times, individuals can wait a while before they receive service. This is acceptable for residential plumbing, but not for commercial business. Not only do small problems quickly escalated in a restaurant’s kitchen, but any lost time is lost money. Kitchens must run as efficiently as possible, in order to turn the maximum profit. When there is a leak, slow drain or any other issue, it must be repaired immediately.

Of course, dependability is as important as response time. It does not matter if a plumber promises to arrive within an hour. The plumber must actually come on time. Restaurants cannot afford to pay staff to wait for a serviceman to arrive. There is a trend among residential plumbers to guarantee an on-time arrival. If the plumber is late, the company will typically either provide the service free of charge or write a check to the customer. Just as residential plumbers are willing to back up their on-time claims, commercial plumbers should also guarantee an on-time arrival.

Many restaurants are either open early, for breakfast, or late, for night owls. Most restaurant business comes outside of standard business hours, and restaurant plumbers understand this. A good plumber will be willing to come day or night and offer service any day of the week.

A restaurant plumber will also be able to handle any type of plumbing problem. Whether the bathroom sink is leaking or the grease trap is backing up, a kitchen manager should know one plumber who is reliable and capable. Restaurant plumbers can repair leaks, unclog drains and fix sewers. They also can replace water heaters. Seasonal establishments should use a plumber who can also winterize their equipment.

All restaurant managers should know who they will call when a plumbing issue arrives. By selecting a plumber prior to an emergency, managers can find the best plumber in their area. When comparing plumbers, the response time, dependability, flexibility and competence of the plumbers should be considered.