The Rest of Your Spring Cleaning

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

You cleaned the drapes, carpets, floors, and windows. However, did you change your water filter, clean your sump pump exhaust line, or your air conditioning condensate line? Did you flush out your water heater, check your hose bibs (outside faucets) for dripping, or check all the shutoff valves in your home?

These simple items that go unchecked usually are the cause of very costly damages requiring expensive repairs. A simple yearly cleaning and inspection of these few items can save you unbelievable amounts of money not only on your utility bills but also from having emergency repairs and other collateral damage (mold and mildew being just two).  Most of these maintenance items are described in the owner’s manual of your different appliances. Also, a good resource would be the internet for finding out the proper maintenance instructions.

If you do not have the time to do these items yourself, or perhaps you have several rental properties where it would be impossible to do it all yourself, feel free to give Guardian Plumbing Services a call and we can handle it for you.