How to Get Rid of Clogged Drains

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Clogged drains can be the bane of any home. It is always unpleasant and frustrating to see accumulated water stagnating in the tub or sink because of a blockage in the pipes or some undiagnosed reason. Luckily, there are preventive measures and solutions to clogged drains that can be implemented before the problem becomes too complicated.

What Causes Clogging?

For those who are unfamiliar with clogged drains, diagnosing the problem is usually the first step. Not all clogged drains are created equal. Some can be easily dislodged with a few quick whisk in the drain, while others require solutions to breakdown the clog into a drainable substance. A clog may be caused by a build-up within the pipe system as a result of accumulated food, oil, grease, soap scum, silt, litter, and organic materials such as leaves and human hair. These substances build up and turn into drain blockage over time. Aside from substance accumulation, another probable cause of clogged drains is a defective septic system. Waste backing up is a sure sign of a problem in the sewer disposal system.

Preventing Clogs

Prevention helps arrest the problem before it becomes an unmanageable blockage. One solution is to stop dumping substances, especially oil and grease, into your sink. These sticky substances not only clog the pipes but also acts like a glue by catching particles sliding through the drain. Pouring boiling water at least once a week through the drain also helps cut the grease, oil, and fat. If your sink is equipped with a garbage disposal system, thoroughly wash by running cold water through the drain.

Regularly clean the tub and the bath stoppers for excess hair and soap scum. Do not flush non-flushable materials in your toilet to avoid clogging. Strainers also help filter substances in the bath and sink, before they can even reach and clog the pipes.

Other Solutions

If the clog requires professional intervention, do not hesitate to call your local plumber. Guardian Plumbing Services offers a wide range of home and commercial plumbing solutions. So if the clogged drain needs fixing, visit their website at for more information.